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. Michael “Hawkeye” Herman recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Blues Society - 1/9/22 (270kb file)
. Born To Be A Bluesman - French Blues Video Documentary series: Episode 5 - Michael “Hawkeye Herman
. “Born To Be A Bluesman” - French Blues Video Documentary Series Introduction
. Chasing The Blues Legacy - Hawkeye Herman Interview - by Don Wilcock - Blues Blast magazine - 4/21/16
. Michael "Hawkeye" Herman inducted into online Blues Hall of Fame
. Michael "Hawkeye" Herman profile
. Hawkeye/Blues In The Schools Interview - American Blues News - Nov., 2011
. Blues Education More Important Than Ever/Hawkeye interview - Big City Rhythm & Blues - Nov. 2011
. Hawkeye Herman: Award-winning musician and composer is also a dedicated teacher.
. Hawkeye's background in blues music and blues education featured on PBS/"Oregon Art Beat."
. The Impact and Importance of Blues In The Schools programs / video by the Colorado Blues Society featuring Hawkeye.
. Hawkeye Herman / "Blues Is The Roots..." (includes video)
. Hawkeye performs and teaches at the new B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center in Indianola, MS (427kb file)
. Hawkeye presents seminars/workshops on blues education for teachers & musicians
. Hawkeye gives history lesson to students / and teaches how to create and play homemade instruments
. Hawkeye performs in France / US Ambassador to France attends in-school presentation
. BBC/London requests hurricane blues song from Hawkeye Herman
. Hawkeye Herman inducted into Iowa Blues Hall of Fame
. Hawkeye Herman / "The Legacy of The Blues" / Lifestyle, Ashland Daily Tidings
. Hawkeye performs on the 2005 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise in the Caribbean (125kb file)
. Hawkeye's happy to share the blues with students (758kb file)
. Hawkeye performs on the roundtrip Delta Music Experience Cruise from New Orleans to Baton Rouge
. Hawkeye Herman Takes Blues To New York City's "Theatre Row"
. The Iowa blues: Baby, what you gonna do? Hawkeye performs with Gov. Howard Dean
. Tying Bob Quigley's Signature Flies / Volume One with music by Michael "Hawkeye" Herman

Hawkeye's background in blues music and
blues education featured on PBS/"Oregon Art Beat."

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