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Tying Bob Quigley's Signature Flies / Volume One
Pegasus Productions
with music by Michael "Hawkeye" Herman


After years of study and innovation, Bob Quigley shares his proven patterns and techniques. His precise instructions will elevate the skills of all fly tiers, from the beginner to the most advanced. His enthusiastic delivery and years of fishing knowledge are conveyed in this entertaining video.

Along with expert tying skills, this video includes Bob demonstrating on-stream fishing tips, close up looks at super hatches, and shots of large trout sipping. "Tying Bob Quigley's Signature Flies" will inspire you to reach for new fly tying skill levels.

This ninety minutes of knowledge, fun and entertainment will intrigue even the most selective anglers.

Bob Quigley developed a passion for fly fishing at a very young age that has lead him down the road of living a life of a fly fisher. Spending a majority of his younger years fishing, schooling, and traveling during summer vacations, Bob made fly fishing his official career. He moved to Fall River California to open a fly fishing shop and guide service in the early seventies. Since then Bob has significantly influenced fly pattern development and is most recognized for his Cripple Pattern series, which is a standard within the industry today. Widely traveled in the fly fishing world, Bob today gives presentations and seminars in coordination with the Fly Fishing Society of artisans from Ashland, Oregon. His works are widely published in major periodicals.

Award winning blues composer/guitarist Michael "Hawkeye" Herman supplies the appropriate and upbeat fingerpicking blues guitar music that punctuates and enhances the video throughout.

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. Tying Bob Quigley's Signature Flies / Volume One with music by Michael "Hawkeye" Herman
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